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Need / Demand

Yamana Gold has a need to protect its belts from severe tearing and misalignment. The company sought out LLK due to the unreliability of systems of this type currently available on the market, which are based on mobile elements that are prone to errors and blockages, such as trays, ropes and counterweight systems.

LLK was given the challenge of developing a system that would detect, prematurely, tears with opening, tears with overlapping and misalignments on the conveyor belt. The protection system must present a level of false alarms considerably lower than conventional systems and also quantify tears and misalignments.

Development / Solution:

LLK has developed a computer vision system that is completely non-contact with the conveyor and free of moving parts, where a camera and optical system are installed to reliably monitor the belt in an industrial environment. Thus, the system monitors the position of the belt edges and promptly detects tearing and misalignment defects.

In addition, the system quantifies, in centimetres, the position of the belt in relation to its desired alignment. Thus, it is possible to configure the alarm levels for tearing and misalignment in order to adapt the system to the normal operation of the conveyor.


The system is being tested at Yamana Gold, showing excellent results so far. This system for controlling rips in mats or similar by computer vision was called LLK RADEC VISÃO (GENERATION I), it is already available on the market and a new system is expected to be installed at ArcelorMittal (João Monlevade – MG) and at Vale Salobo until the end of September 2017.

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