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Need / Demand

Usiminas, after identifying its equipment with high criticality for the process, chose to monitor and protect it using on-line vibration analysis systems. The option for online systems is justified by the need to protect the equipment and reduce the number of people to collect data on the machines.

Development / Solution:

LLK developed for the plant's Utilities team (supply of water, pressurized air, among other inputs) a complete vibration and temperature analysis system for various machines, such as pumps, compressors and fans.

More than 200 vibration and temperature points were installed in all equipment, all interconnected by a single system developed by LLK for monitoring in several company computers.


This vibration analysis machine protection system, called LLK-SVO, has been available on the market since 2011, with a variety of instrumentation and means for automation that adapt to the needs of the plant.

With the beginning of the online monitoring work, the company was able to divide the careful analysis of the equipment no longer by the amount of equipment (where it was not known the problem tendency of each one in short intervals of time), but by graphic presentations indicating normal machine (in green), in attention (yellow) and out of standard (red). Based on this color data, the predictive team analyzed the spectra more carefully and started to perform preventive maintenance efficiently.

As a main result, the company was able to reduce the number of machine breakdowns and make inputs available to the entire plant whenever necessary, drastically reducing unexpected stops for corrective maintenance.

The success of this system made this work a reference in several congresses and presentations, being applied in other industries with more than 1,000 points installed to date, including customers such as Samarco, Vale, Yamana, Gerdau and others.

Simpler versions can also be installed, with direct protection of the machine via its activation, from critical vibration levels, with the aim of automatically protecting equipment.

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