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For automation of level measurement in dams, piezometers are installed in existing holes. These sensors are interconnected to communication radios, or other communication architectures, where the measured values will be transmitted to a central and consequently made available for implementation in the customer's network. LLK also provides the solution with options for solar panels, batteries or other types of energy generation for system autonomy in the field.


Product Features and Specifications

  • Use of high strength and quality GE pressure sensors (piezometers);

  • Mechanical structure with remote electrical panel provided for allocation of the system in an open environment;

  • Power supply system is provided, which may be solar energy or batteries;

  • Provision of data transmission system, for example via radios;

  • Possibility of recording data locally via “datalogger”;

  • Possibility of installing local HMIs for periodic data collection, if transmission is not feasible.

Technical Specifications of the sensors

  • Measuring range 0.7 to 700 mH2O;

  • Titanium coating;

  • Cable structured with Kevlar, all vented and coated with polyurethane;

  • Diameters available: 11mm, 17.5mm and 25.4mm;

  • Accuracy: ±0.06% FS;

  • Degree of protection: IP 68;

  • Possibility of calibration.

Communication Architecture (TA)

The communication structure is dimensioned and designed according to each project, below is an example of architecture used for automation and communication of piezometers in dams.


From there, with the selection of the gateway in a suitable protocol for the plant, the system can be interconnected with the local network, computers, PLCs and data acquisition systems.

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