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In 2017, with a new prototype for improving the Vibrational RADEC already validated, LLK was selected as the supplier of 100% of Belt Conveyors for the Port of Nacala, in Mozambique, from Companhia Logística de Nacala, a Vale company. The delivery was carried out with a structure in stainless steel 316, as required for work in the port. The new Vibrational RADEC with compact sensor and direct output has transformed the Vibrational RADEC into a simple product that is easy to install and configure.

Need / Demand

CLN (Companhia Logística de Nacala), a Vale company transporting coal from the Moatize Mine (in Tete, Mozambique) to the Port of Nacala, in Nacala, also in Mozambique. In 2017, Vale needed to prepare the Port of Nacala to transport 100% of its coal, where it was formerly shared with the Port of Beira.

Therefore, Vale needed an excellent cost-benefit system and remote control (directly from the control room) of belt tear control systems. After a competition between Brazilian, South African and German companies, LLK was chosen to supply 100% of Transportedores de Correia do Porto.


Development / Solution:

LLK, using the concept of mechanical vibration analysis and all the experience of the Vibrational RADEC Generation 1, as well as validated tests in experimental models within LLK, supplied the first batch of Generation 2 Vibrational RADEC. The system has a simpler structure , with more modern sensors and direct output, reducing the number of parts involved.


The new vibration analysis system for belt conveyors, called VIBRATIONAL RADEC (GENERATION II), was made available to the market after this supply, still in 2017.

The fault alarms of the system developed by LLK occur in a much shorter period of time compared to existing systems on the market, and the system was simplified to a single output signal from the sensor direct to the field electronics.

The system does not need cleaning, has no jamming problems and can be reset remotely, facilitating all maintenance and operation work.

With a superior technology system on the market and affordable cost, the VIBRATIONAL RADEC (GENERATION II) was once again sold to Mozambique directly to the Moatize Mine, and other mines in Vale.

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