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Need / Demand

Samarco Mineração asked LLK, in 2013, to develop a new protection system for conveyor belts. The main motivation for this request was due to the various problems presented in the traditional detectors of mobile trays, ropes, counterweights and others that used moving parts and demanded cleaning and changing parts continuously.

The main challenge of this system was the quicker detection of several types of tears, mainly the belt centers and edge strips, without the need to clean the system and without moving parts.


Development / Solution:

LLK, using the concept of analysis of mechanical vibrations, has developed a system without moving parts which, through the impact of the material detached from the slots or loose strips with the system, detects the occurrence of failures.

By means of specific frequency and amplitude bands, it is possible to detect, quickly and reliably, problems with tears and/or loose strips in belts.


This vibration analysis system for belt conveyors, called VIBRATIONAL RADEC (GENERATION I), was made available to the market in 2014.

The fault alarms of the system developed by LLK occur in a much shorter period of time compared to existing systems on the market.

The system does not need cleaning, has no jamming problems and can be reset remotely, facilitating all maintenance and operation work.

With a system of superior technology in the market and affordable cost, the VIBRATIONAL RADEC (GENERATION I) began to be exported, already installed in clients such as Vale – CPBS Port, Vale – Salobo Mine (Carajás Complex), CLN/Vale – Porto from Nacala, Mozambique.

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