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The LLK RADEC VIBRATIONAL is a system without moving parts for detecting tears in conveyor belts. The system measures the impact of material detached from tears or loose strips with the structure of the system. Thus, the concept of mechanical vibration analysis is used to detect and alarm, through specific frequency and amplitude bands, the problems of tears and loose strips in belts.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Tear detection in belts through the fall of material;

  • Detection of torn belt strips through the impact of the strip with the equipment;

  • Adjustment of alarm levels;

  • Interface for alarm recognition and equipment release;

  • Ease of installation;

  • System without moving parts and without contact with the conveyor belt;

  • Robust, without the need for reassembly of parts and cleaning after an alarm;

  • Delivered with a structure made to measure for the transporter;

  • Protection structure for the system elements that will work in an industrial environment;

  • Delivered with mounted electrical panel, providing the necessary signals, in 100/200V;

  • Panel and frame drawings are available;

  • Digital outputs available indicating the operating conditions of the conveyor.

Homologation and Patents INPI

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