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Need / Demand

Samarco Mineração was looking for a company to create a new protection system for crane trucks (Munck) in its fleet, as part of the operators' safety policy.

The need to protect the operation required monitoring and consequent interlocking of the parameters to prevent erroneous operation. The following were part of the requirements: alerting the movement of the truck when the operator is not wearing a belt, preventing the lifting of the load with the pads in the cradles or with the truck too inclined, etc.

Development / Solution:

LLK, with the know-how in the work of instrumentation and mechanics, developed a system with equipment certified for use in mobile equipment, with IP67 protection against dust and water, identifying all the necessary parameters for the correct operation of the cranes.

The system detects and registers any incorrect or dangerous operation in the displacement of the load, causing the operator to be alerted by light and sound signal and indicating that he must not proceed.

Because they are equipment that go directly to the mine, they are constantly washed with water jets to remove mud and, even so, they do not present malfunctions or changes in their measurements.


This safety system in the operation of mobile equipment, called LLK-SPA, is available on the market with several success stories.

The occurrence of accidents with crane operation (lifting) after the installation of these systems is nil. The system has become a benchmark within Samarco, and is also required of outsourced workers.

Due to the success of this system, in 2014, Vale began to adopt the system and, in 2015 and 2016, LLK supplied crane truck protection systems for the Carajás Mine, including interconnected operation by remote controls.

Currently, the system is fully adaptable for any type of mobile equipment, such as dump trucks, cranes, automobiles, forklifts, among others.

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